Rockwood Realisation plc (formerly Gresham House Strategic plc)

Rockwood Realisation Plc is an independent, AIM-quoted investment company that is invested primarily in smaller UK public companies. The team applies private equity techniques and constructive engagement alongside a long-term value-oriented equity investment philosophy.

On 11 October 2021, the Board of Gresham House Strategic plc concluded its strategic review, announced in May 2021, and voted to terminate Gresham House Asset Management as its investment manager with immediate effect and appoint Harwood Capital as its new investment manager.

Subsequently, Gresham House Asset Management requisitioned a winding up and return of the company’s assets over the next two years following an initial return of capital to occur in December 2021. This was voted upon and passed by shareholders on 15th December 2021, the company has therefore changed its name to Rockwood Realisation plc. Harwood Capital is managing the winding up process for shareholders whilst charging zero fees.